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Foreign Education

Dreaming to study Abroad..

Why should a young student leave all the comforts and luxuries of life and head out for a challenging life and that too abroad? Alien country ,unknown people, diverse culture and lifestyle ,different food , investing large amount of money all seems to threatening .How can one adjust there and then one is expected to study, score well and make a career ?sounds impossible!

If you feel this is impossible, then you need to check with lakhs of students that went abroad last year to pursue their studies .Yes, Lakhs of them for a Bachelors and Masters degree in various field from all over India .The only focus that they had on their mind was their future. Let us see a few reasons as to why they would have left all the comforts and took a calculated decision to study abroad.

Some of the top reasons are.

  • An international, cross- cultural experience.
  • Better Pay Scales.
  • Capacity for growth
  • Independence.
  • Option to study at the world's finest universities.
  • Opportunity to interact with the best of people from all over the world, in terms of faculty and students.
  • Outstanding programs offering a variety of vocations to choose from.
  • Well prepared to increasingly international job market.
  • Self reliance
  • An overall developed personality.

Studying abroad is a wonderful way of enriching and diversifying your education. You will learn a tremendous amount simply from living and learning in a new social and cultural environment, from the people you meet, and from life as it vicariously unfolds. Additionally, for many students the study abroad experience stimulates not just a new way of looking at themselves and the world, but new ideas about what comes after they graduate, which is to say: jobs and a career. Employers generally look favorably at applicants who, in addition to having a strong academic record, also have some hands-on work experience. In the increasingly globalized economy and job-market, and international work experience may be seen as especially valuable. Many study abroad programs have internship components; some are even centered around internships. It is also sometimes possible to set up some sort of work project, volunteer service, etc. in the community surrounding your program, as long as you can do with without conflict with your studies. In any of these instances, your home institution may or may not grant credit for these events but it will go along way in fostering new beginnings.

Finally, the long-term impact of study abroad on a student's personal, professional, and academic life shows that study abroad positively and unequivocally influences the career path, world-view, and self-confidence of students. You will learn a tremendous amount simply from living and learning in a new social and cultural environment, from the people you meet, and from life as it vicariously unfolds.

So even now if you are thinking of not going abroad…then think about the above points and make a sound decision. -

Ms. Suchitra Surve,
Global Education Counsel,
E-mail :

Education… Destination… United Kingdom (UK)

Foreign education has come within the reach of middle class and suddenly major upsurge is being witnessed. More and more students opt for higher education from foreign universities for three reasons-

  • Invitational approach of foreign universities.
  • Availability of educational loans to fund the expenditure.
  • Excellent career growth platform with higher remuneration packages.

Excellent career growth platform with higher remuneration packages.

Indian students with their typical education system find it easier to crack the entry point exams. But getting high scores in entrance exam's like GRE, GMAT is only one of the factor with lot many things to take care of till you claim your seat at deserving institute/university. Right strategy and complete knowledge of the process helps in achieving the goal one could set for himself. There are reputed institutes like GI careers which help students by unfolding the plethora of opportunities available for them. It is really taxing on part of students and parents to run from pillar to post completing all the required formalities and documentation. These institutes help students with their established network of associates not only in India but also in the destination countries.

Students as well as parents go through anxiety during the initial phases of admission. The apprehension is very well justified as one is about to enter into reasonably unknown area. Lack of proper guidance may cause discomfort in terms of wastage of time & money as well as getting to know the right choices. Here comes the need of right agency who could feel in the information gap with authentic information, the agency which has the established network and ready to take every step forward in making students journey towards their dream careers a happier one.

GI careers U.K. is the channel partner of British Deputy high commission & major universities in United Kingdom. GI Careers has been updating student community about educational opportunities like MBA, MLM, LAW, BIOTECHNOLOGY, JOURNALISM, Etc. by conducting seminars and workshops in various cities.

Destination United Kingdom: The United Kingdom has a rich culture of learning at the higher education level. British universities like those at Oxford, Cambridge, St' Andrew's, Edinburgh and Aberdeen are more than 500 years old and are recognised all over the world for their academic excellence. UK Qualifications are recognised and respected throughout the world. A UK qualification will be a solid foundation for rich and rewarding career anywhere in the world. At an academic level, studying in the UK, will find you challenged and stimulated. Studying in the UK will expose you to a cosmopolitan and diverse culture and experience. Many thousands of students arrive in the UK each year for higher education making any university campus a richly diverse, open-minded and multicultural place. More than 150,000 international students are expected to come to the UK for higher studies this year giving you the opportunity to meet and form bonds with people of diverse cultures.

Choosing the Right Institution: The UK offers a choice of more than a 100 universities, each with their own academic strengths. Therefore we recognize that it is a very difficult decision to decide where to study in the UK considering the large number of HEI's and the breadth of courses offered by these Important issues to be considered before coming to the UK could be: Cost, Location of University / College, Ranking / Status of the University / College, Course and course content.

GI Careers is one of the education consultancies that provide FREE services to students. They have an exclusive approach to assess student's skills and abilities and our services are tailored to the individual circumstances of each case and the particular needs of each student. Expert counsellors at GI assess and match students with the requirements, academic offerings and resources of Universities.

In INDIA, GI Careers offer:

  • In-depth information on higher education in UK.
  • You have the option of selecting various courses ranging from Diplomas to National Degrees in subjects starting from Computing, Engineering, Medicine, Management, bio-technology, journalism and many more.
  • Complete and comprehensive counselling that helps you select the right course.
  • Advice on VISA procedure.
  • We offer expert guidance and counselling that result into a guaranteed admission and very low VISA rejection ratio.
  • Pre-departure briefings that help you prepare for your stay in the UK

In UK, GI Careers offer

  • Holiday work experience*
  • Monitoring and evaluating throughout your period of study
  • Postgraduate work experience*
  • Cultural exposure with local UK family

GI Careers have set up unique resources to give a step-by-step guidance for the entire process as OUR success lies in YOUR success!

Contact Details : Pune - Head office (India)
Ms.Anita Fernandes
Mobile : (0091) 9225815889.
Email :



For branding of the institute, Institutes may take appointment of Prof. Vijay Navale for career guidance seminars.

Contact : Prof. Vijay Navale : +91-9822502969

Personal Career Counseling

M-Power’s expert career counselors have guided more than 5000 students & parents through personal or telephonic counseling.

The counseling is available for

  • Engineering Career & Educational Options
  • Engineering Admission Process for HSC Students
  • Careers selection after SSC/HSC
  • Career Selection After Graduation
  • Direct Second Year Engg. Admission Process(for Diploma Students)
  • Career Options for Diploma Engineers
  • Study skills (for School/ college Students)
  • Study Time Management
  • Communication Skills Development
  • Personality Improvement
Contact : Prof. Vijay Navale : +91-9822502969


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