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Careers & Specialisations - Project Management

We have learnt about project management tools during our engineering education. Civil engineering students have studied it to a greater depth as the majority of jobs in this sector are performed as a one off projects. Projects costing crores of rupees are bound by schedules contractually. Delays are costly and most of the times are irreplaceable by any penalty mentioned in the agreements. Meticulous planning & execution is the essence of a good project manager. Almost every engineering company has projects department to take care of up-gradation of existing production system or expansion of facility. Most of the time capital equipment purchase, installation and coordination with the supplying company form the major area of function for projects department.

Post economic liberalization era India became a hot spot to make it a production base for foreign companies worldwide. At the same time Indian companies also started scouting for newer avenues and multiple facilities to cater to the rising demand for their products. This required employees with special skills who could plan, schedule d& execute projects at the optimum minimum cost and last but not the least who could find solutions to the problems almost instantly. The engineers with good dicision making skills and awareness of latest technologies were found to be an asset. Special companies were formed to cater this segment of business in industrial sector. Organizations in the business of developing and selling new technologies extended a helping hand to buyers of their products on turnkey basis. Cash rich business conglomerates started to invest in different sectors which they found lucrative enough, this way increasing demand for specialist technocrats.

Job Profile of Project Engineer :-

1) Project feasibility study: - Project engineer has to be conversant with latest development in the field of technology and science. Once his organization shows interest in any new project, then he has to furnish the required details at the earliest. He must have knowledge of the resources from where he could gain a sincere perspective of the project. Feasibility study would entail the cost - benefit analysis which then consequently help managements to take make-or-buy decision.

2) Project planning and scheduling: - Once the project is approved the planning stage commences, project engineer has to take into consideration existing resource like men, machine and materials and then prepare a realistic estimate of additional resource required. Projects are generally divided into phases and planning is done to fulfill the requirements of phases. Also a bird's eye view approach is desired to initiate actions for time consuming and independent activities for subsequent phases. The meticulous planning unfolds the details regarding who has to do what and when? Project planning and scheduling requires excellent knowledge of technologies and options available. The potential and strength of individuals involved in is tested by forecasting the problems and taking decisions to resolve them. Project engineer has to work out 2 to 3 plans in case the initial plan is stuckup.

Execution: - Execution is the most crucial phase for any project engineer. Coordinating with multiple departments, government agencies, suppliers & supervising the progress of project need excellent multitasking abilities and lot of patience. Execution phase do not make provision for relaxation as so much is put on the stake and the little delay can throw entire schedule out of gear. Project engineers have to be alert and on their tows all the time while speeding up the work. They also have to give due consideration towards safety of the workmen involved in. However in spite of such trials and tribulations every completed activity add up to the confidence of all the technicians and support staff working on the project to make it a grand success.

This field is better suited to those engineers who seek variation in their job environment, who like to work with different people and last but not the least love to take challenges head on and come across them as winners.

Higher education :- MBA with specialization in Material Management or Operations Management. There are short courses available on Project Management at premier management institutes. Use of project management software's is becoming a common practice and one can learn the nuances of the same on the job or by enrolling for a private course.

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