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Careers & Specialisations - Product Design

Have you ever wondered why there are so many models of cellular phone keeps on doing the rounds in market place ? or if there are same engines & technology why so many bikes with deferent shapes & color combination finds place in showrooms ? or the last ball pen you bought was so hard to hold than this one in hand with adjustable grip mechanism.

Due to certain prejudices & our up bringing most of the times we overlook at many aspects of any product beyond its utility. There are thousands of product we come across in our domestic & professional lives & we will certainly loose count if asked to do so. Every product has its unique selling proposition or USP that is defined by its application. Stapler is meant to keep documents together with firmly pressed pin, punching machine should create a through hole every time stack of papers is slid in between its pincers, Mobile phones should be handy enough to handle the calls without fatigue, Refrigerators should be available in colors to match the wall colors in kitchen, Calculators need to be user friendly with ‘most used keys’ are positioned at just right place making their operation simple.

There are 'n' number of aspects involved in designing the product & finding the most economical or say optimum way to bring them to market. Most of the technology driven products naturally have technology at the core. Technology is the soul of these products. Now putting this sole into a body, which is attractive, user friendly & bring a unique, clutter-breaking value to the product is equally challenging task. Creativity at its best is desired to make the rare combination of aesthetic value & technology.

While designing products, designer need to understand the human psyche very well. Who is going to use the product? In what situation he is considered to use the product? For how long he is going to use the product? What competitors are offering? Can we offer better product at same or less price? Is the customer using this product price sensitive? Quality sensitive? Status sensitive? The list of questions is endless if one really wants to come up with winner Product.

Take example of car. The rounded edges catch more attention than square one's, ground hugging, sporty cars are more sought after, metallic flam- buoyant colors has more takers, certain cultures hate anything that is black & for some cultures black is beautiful. How one should arrive at a perfect design that will please all? The answer is difficult but not impossible.

A product designer has to have a strong sense of aesthetics, colors, shapes & contours. A good drawing ability with sharpened skills of perspectives is a must. He or she must have a thorough understanding of technology that goes into the product. He/she has to be aware of options, substitutes what he or she implies to use. Designers should have open ears & eyes, capability to listen, ability to read between the lines & listen beyond the uttered words. Designer also should not mix feelings between what he want to create & what is customers exact requirement. Last but not the least the designs should work in the realms of practicality. That simply means designs should not make products unviable to produce or do injustice to the utility of the product.

Engineers are best suited to the job because they have well developed drawing sense, they think logically & analytically. They carry a multiple perspective &most importantly they know the technology aspect very well.

India is becoming manufacturing hub for most of the products & being the consumer for most of these products good designers are always in demand. As they perform the most critical job the pay packets rise fatter & fatter & fatter. Gone are the days when same models of automobiles or domestic goods use to run for years together. Today's customers seek change more frequently than ever keeping designer fraternity busy round the clock.

India has a challenge & a tough benchmark to overcome created by American or European designers. Many talented & creative engineers are being awaited to make their own mark. Are you ready for it ?


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