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Careers & Specialisations - Industrial Marketing


Aspiring engineers generally see themselves engaged in research & development work or making direct contribution on shop floors in planning the production and quality of the products.

Industrial products are manufactured & sold for the industrial use as one engineering firm sells products to another engineering organization. These industrial products consist highly technical specifications & needs a marketing person who is well versed with the technology involved in. This ultimately demands for engineering graduate to fill in the position instead of any other background. Industrial marketing is different from other forms of marketing in more than one way. Industrial products are generally of high value in terms of cost and their application. It requires a great deal of commitment on the part of seller to fulfill the needs of customer. Industrial products are also sold with long-term commitments with contracts being entered into for longer periods. Customers of industrial products desire products or services to be made available with exact requirements. Customization is also the important aspect of these products, as the seller representative has to put himself in the buyer's shoes and understand the precise requirement. To attain the successful customization the person involved needs greater degree of knowledge of technologies and consequential alternatives. Marketing executives of industrial product shoulders a greater responsibility of key person standing in between R & D, production and logistics dept of his own company and sourcing, R & D and production department of buying company. Excellent communication skills not only in the terms of speaking but also other direct, indirect ways to have a positive dialogue and discussion at all the platforms available is the pre-requisite for this post. A marketer of industrial products must know A to Z of products he is selling and should also carry sufficient knowledge of competitor's products. He should also get to know the purchasing procedure and set up of the buyers company in quick time. The chances of wasting time because of not knowing the proper approach could spell disaster for marketing person. Smart and innovative persons are seen making good inroads in this field as they handle any adverse situation and turn it in their favor.

Industrial Products : Industrial products are generally categorized into

  • Made to order or customized items/assemblies/parts/machine tools as per the designs and drawing supplied by the buyer.
  • Consumable items like lubricants /tools/ fasteners / seals / safety items / belts / grinding wheels / welding electrodes & accessories / packaging material etc.
  • Standard items like drives switches / hydraulic-pneumatic cylinders.
  • Capital items like compressors / generators / transformers / machine tools, automation systems, cranes, material handling equipments, etc.
  • Engg. services like project management, project consultancy, software's, technology based products, recruitment agencies etc.

Skills required to become successful in industrial marketing :

  • Sound & basic knowledge of technology behind the products.
  • Complete understanding of the products & their applications.
  • Good comm. skill to convince the buyers.
  • Patience to understand the requirement of the buyer.
  • Empathy to know customer's real requirements.
  • Innovativeness to standardize the customer's requirements.
  • Assertive nature to project the plus points of the products.
  • Quick grasping quality to understand what customer wants to say.
  • Knowledge of commercial aspect behind buying and selling.
  • Knowledge of contract making and legalities involved in.
  • Attitude to explore other avenues of business with existing customers.
  • Persistent nature for continuing follow up till the deal is finalized.
  • Social skills to maintain good relationship with customers.
  • Ability to meet the targets in specific time.
  • Eagerness to travel.
  • Ethical behavior.

Industrial marketing is attracting engineers who love to interact with the people, who love to travel and who want to excel and out do themselves. Marketing is such a competitive field where success brings lot of rewards in monetary terms and promotions as well. Your personal attributes can push you to the highest levels in the organization.

Payment : Entry level: -Rs.1.80-2.40 Per Annum. Afterwards your monetary gain largely depends upon your performance as incentives are linked with the sell.

Featured Institute: Suryadatta Group of Institutes


For branding of the institute, Institutes may take appointment of Prof. Vijay Navale for career guidance seminars.

Contact : Prof. Vijay Navale : +91-9822502969

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