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India is a huge country with its population crossing 100 crore mark. 21st century is demanding for sound infrastructure to accommodate urban & rural India in the process of development. Government is concentrating an projects involving constructions of Roads, Bridges, Dams, Airports, Ports, Water Distribution Systems, Drainage Systems, Waste Disposal Mechanisms & so on. Majority of public fund is spent on these developmental work. Central Public works department or CPWD is the biggest government agency taking care of national infrastructure treasure. Public Works Department at state level in turn plans & execute construction, repair & maintenance of these utilities. Local bodies like Municipal Corporations or Grampanchayat's are concerned with providing safe & pure water, clean & good roads, efficient drainage /sewage system, etc.

Every Govt. body has been allocating considerable sums of their budget for these developmental work. If we browse through any national/ local newspaper we will certainly find 'Tender Notice's released by various departments. As govt. has certain limitations, in respect of employing huge staff like engineers, technicians & laborers on permanent basis & do all the work on their own, a reasonable solution was found way back. Government with their strong belief in private enterprise & their skills & to take benefit of competitive buyer's market started to get their work done from contractors, who fit their bill . A process of competitive bidding was developed through which contracting firms can bid for the designated work & the most competitive bidder is awarded the contract.

As major infrastructure work was of civil nature, contracting firms specialising in civil engineering were mostly enrolled with government agencies & status of Govt. Contractor was allotted to them. Next to civil engineering, Electrical Engineering form the most important & vital element of infrastructure. State electricity boards are transmitting & distributing electricity through their thousands of sub - stations. These sub - stations & entire system of distribution requires huge manpower to maintain the systems and to keep them running round the clock. With the same budgetary restraints these departments also need contracting firms specialising in electrical engineering works. The electrical contractors need to register with the electricity board to get the work through tenders released by them from time to time. (Capital requirement is huge)

Contracting firm need not be run by an engineer but the owner has to employ a mandatory quota of qualified & experienced engineers & carry the necessary equipments required for the work. These contractors are classified into various classes according to their capability to perform. Scale of work generally mentioned in terms of rupee value.

Government is encouraging engineers who want to become entrepreneur to register with them by offering concessions in rules & regulations so as to improve the quality of work, for better planning & management of sites & timely completion of jobs. Government wishes that more & more engineers get associated with PWD & SEB'S in the form of contractors.

UP side: -

1) Contracts worth crores are available for eligible bidders, once you have shown your performance & skill, with good budgeting & scheduling skill one can become a successful contractor.
2) As an honest, sincere contractor you take an active part in nation building.
3) The Experience earned in public works can be utilized for private organizations/ companies by registering with them too.

Down Side :-

1) Beurocracy & red tapism often test one's patience.
2) Change in policies due to change of government's may create trouble for certain projects making future uncertain in exceptional cases.

Please read on for the eligibility criteria & other requirements to enroll as a Govt. Contractor: -

Unemployed Engineers : Unemployed graduate and diploma holders in Civil /Electrical Engineering who are domiciled in Maharashtra and have passed the qualifying examination and have obtained degree or diploma from university / Institution, other States recognised by the Director of Technical education. Maharashtra State / State concerned may get themselves registered in class-VI in case of Civil Engineer and in Class-D in case of Electrical Engineer within the period of 10 years from the date of passing qualifying examination by applying in the prescribed proforma to be accompanied by the following documents.

  • Certified copy of Degree / Diploma Certificate.
  • Certified copy of Domicile Certificate.
  • Certificate from Director, Technical Education, Govt. of Maharashtra if Degree / Diploma is obtained from University / Polytechnic of State / Union Territory Other than Maharashtra.
  • Two Copies of passport size Photo's.
  • Xerox copy of receipt of Rs. 375 paid as registration fee.
    (The applicant can show the original copy while submitting the application and have it certified by Executive Engineer's Office also)
  • Certified copy of marklist.

Concessions : Unemployed graduate and diploma holder engineers are empowered vide Govt. Reso. No. CAT-1096/PT/172/D-2/Build-2 dated 22-12-1998 to participate in to open competitive tender up to Rs. 15.00 lakhs in Civil Works in case of Civil Engineer and Rs. 7.50 lakhs in case of Electrical Engineer. Previous maximum Limit before issue of Govt. Resolution was Rs. 5.00 lakhs and Rs. 2.00 lakhs respectively.

Unemployed engineer registered as above shall be exempted from payment of Earnest money and Security Deposit to the extent of 50% of what is normally due in each case and in respect of remaining 50% Security Deposit a nominal amount of 1% of the estimated cost subject to minimum of Rs. 100 shall be recovered initially and the rest by a pro-rata deduction from bill.

Reservation of work to unemployed Engineers.

In view to encourage and develop higher technical knowledge obtained by degree and diploma holding Civil engineer, Govt. vide Resolution No. CAT-1094/ CR-181/Building-2 dated 7th Feb-1996 had granted special reservation on following types of work.

Transportation works. Excavation of Boaring Well. Special type of R.C.C. works. Paste control and water proofing work. Hot mix plant and paver finisher works for blacktopping of roads Advanced Technological works.

Encouragement to unemployed Registered Engineer to enter in contract business.

Unemployed engineers after obtaining degree / diploma from engineering college and after registered their names as a contractor have to face so many problem and difficulties in executing the works before entering in to contract business. Govt. of Maharashtra vide Resolution No. CAT-1090/CR-21/Buld-2 dated 2nd Feb. 1996 had granted

following facilities to unemployed engineers to encourage and overcome the said problem and difficulties. Registration certificate issued up to 10 years period from the date of passing degree / diploma. Works at estimated rate costing up to Rs. 5.00 lakhs and Rs. 2.00 lakhs should be allotted directly to Civil & Electrical engineers without calling tenders respectively. An advance at 10% of contract cost maximum up to Rs. 40,000 may be sanctioned without interest.



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