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For 2015 Engineering Admission Process, Please Visit Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra State Website :

Career Guidance & Counseling Workshop

(Career guidance session + individual questions & answers.)

Duration – 3 hours (Morning & Evening Batches).
Location – Warje, Pune

Limited seats. Students and parent should attend.

For more details & registration,
please call on 9822502969

(Registration at least by telephone is must.)

For more details, contact us on
Mobile : +91-9822502969
For branding of the institute,
Institutes may take appointment of Prof. Vijay Navale for career guidance seminars.
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Engineering Branches & Future Scope

Why Engineering Career?
B§{O{ZA[a¨J M H$m?
Dahavi nantar diploma ki baravinantar degree engg.?
Hi, Future Engineers...
A{^`m§{ÌH$s {ejUmMo _mJ©
Engg. Admission Process Counseling

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   Prof. Vijay Navale
    Mahesh Narke
Branches & Future Scope :   
Aeronautical Engineering  |  Agriculture Engineering  |  Automobile Engineering  |  Bio-Medical Engineering  |  Bio-Tech Engineering  |  Chemical Engineering  |  Civil Engineering  |  Computer Engineering & Information Technology  |  Electrical Engineering  |  Electronics Engineering  |  Environmental Engineering  |  Fire Engineering  |  Food Technology  |  Industrial Engineering  |  Instrumentation & Control  |  Marine Engineering  |  Mechanical Engineering  |  Metallurgy  |  Mining Engineering  |  Paint Technology  |  Paper & Pulp Technology  |  Petroleum Engineering  |  Plastic Technology  |  Polymer Engineering  |  Printing Engineering & Comm. Tech.  |  Production Engineering  |  Ship Building / Naval Architecture  |  Sugar Technology  |  Surface Coating Technology  |  Tele-Communication Engineering (E & TC)  |  Textile Engineering  |  Transportation Engineering

"E_-nm°da" {Z{_©V Am§VaamîQ´>r>` {H$VuMm, nmbH$m§Zr Jm¡adbobm, A{Ve` Cn`wŠV "H$[a`a nmW \$mBªS>a"  ©
boIH$ / g§nmXH$ : àm. {dO` Zdbo, _hoe ZmaHo$
emim, _hm{dÚmb`o, Šbmgog VgoM KaJyVr dmnamH$arVm 3 \y$Q> X 5 \y$Q> gmB©P_Ü`o CnbãY. (qH$_V ê$. 550/-)
A3 gmB©P (nmoñQ>a) Bulk Qty _Ü`o CnbãY.
Am°S>©a H$[aVm g§nH©$ : 9822502969 / 9422003414
Career Path Finder Mo gd© h¸$ E_ nm°daMo ñdmYrZ, nadmZJr {edm` N>nmB©, {dVaU, \$moQ>moH$m°nr (Poam°Šg) H$m`ÚmZo JwÝhm Amho.

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